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Planning in your pocket: how to utilise phone planners

If you thought iPad planning was odd, get ready for this one. When I first heard phone planning I completely shrugged it off as a downscaled and less convenient version of the real thing; however, upon a bit of thinking I realised that if utilised well, it can be insanely handy. This is where the ‘Bits and Pieces’ journal (available in the shop) comes in.

Whenever I see a grocery list or password tracker in a planner I engulf in excitement thinking about how convenient it will be when I forget something and have my knight in shining armour there to save me with its trusty list. However, this excitement then disintegrates thinking about how often I actually carry my iPad or even physical planner around. A phone planner/journal serves to bridge this gap, bringing all those handy lists that float around your life into one place.

Today I’ll be talking about the one I sell (may be a bit biased but that’s the one that I designed and know best). The journal has six linked sections, each with its own contents page. If you’ve ever tried to quickly swipe through pages in Good Notes mobile, you’ll know why. Here’s a video walkthrough of it:

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