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How to create marble patterns in procreate

Hey there- this is going to be a quick one where I show you how to make swirly marble patterns in procreate. These are great to use for planner covers or wallpapers, and are honestly just a fun time to make. It kinda reminds me of that science experiment with milk and food colouring. Pretty trippy. Let’s get started!

1. Open up procreate and create a blank canvas.

2. With any brush (preferably pretty thick) start splotching colour around the canvas. Where or how you do it won’t impact the final product, just make sure you’re happy with the colours and that they mix well.

The starting product. Also note the dropdown menu in the top right corner

3. On the top bar there should be a bunch of icons in circles. Click the second one from the left with a magic wand.

4. A dropdown menu should appear and from there select ‘liquify’. A toolbar will appear at the bottom of the screen.

5. From here is where it gets fun. You can really use any of the tools, but I personally like to use a combination of ‘expand’ and twirl.

6. Just play around with it until you’re happy. Watching the colours move and twirl is honestly one of the most satisfying things.

And there it is. Hope that you learned something and will make one soon.

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